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Speakers @ ASA2020 VIRTUAL


Jon A Jacobson

MSK | Ultrasound of the lateral hip
MSK | Ultrasound of wrist and hand arthritis
MSK | Pitfalls in wrist and hand ultrasound

Jon A Jacobson, MD is a Professor of Radiology and Director of the Division of Musculoskeletal Radiology in the Department of Radiology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Jacobson research interests include musculoskeletal ultrasound and MRI. Dr Jacobson has over 225 peer-reviewed publications and many invited international lectures. He has been a visiting professor on 43 occasions. Dr. Jacobson is the author of the textbook Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, which is now in its third edition.


Carlo Martinoli

Carlo Martinoli is a Professor of Radiology, and has devoted more than 25 years to musculoskeletal radiology education. He is author of a preeminent textbook on musculoskeletal ultrasound, and has published over 250 scientific journal articles. Carlo Martinoli and has held over 1,000 invited lectures. He is actively involved at the highest levels with the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology and was a member of the Educational Committee Board of the "European Society of Radiology – ESR" for musculoskeletal radiology.


Fred Ushakov

Obstetrics | First trimester neuroanatomy
Dr Fred Ushakov is an expert in fetal medicine and echocardiography with over 30 years of experience in ultrasound and international practice with world leading institutions.


Catherine Mills

Obstetrics | Rethinking reproductive decision-making: Prenatal testing and choice
Catherine Mills is a Professor in the Monash Bioethics Centre with a disciplinary background in philosophy, her research addressing ethical issues in human reproduction. She also has expertise in feminist philosophy and aspects of Continental philosophy, and debates on biopolitics. She is the author of three books including The Philosophy of Agamben (2008), Futures of Reproduction: Bioethics and biopolitics (2011) and Biopolitics (2018), as well as numerous articles and book chapters. She is currently leading research projects on the ethical, social and regulatory issues related to non-invasive prenatal testing and relating to mitochondrial transfer technologies. She is also part of a project on commercial influences within the IVF industry.


Ram Nataraja

Paediatrics | Perinatal management of GI and abdominal wall abnormalities
Professional topics | Simulation and creativity in medical education

Assoc. Professor Ram Nataraja holds a bachelor’s degree in Medicine, a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Medicine with Basic Clinical Sciences, and a postgraduate certificate of completion of training in Paediatric Surgery. After working as a Consultant at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London and an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London he emigrated to Australia. He is an academic surgeon currently working as a General Paediatric and Neonatal Surgical Consultant, the Director of Paediatric Surgical Simulation & Innovation at Monash Children’s Hospital, and Co-Chair of the MCH Simulation Service in Melbourne.  




Matt Adams

Vascular | Carotid ultrasound 
Matt trained as a clinical vascular scientist in the UK where he worked with the Vascular Studies team at the Royal Free Hospital. After 5 busy years scanning, helping out with teaching and assisting in research conducted by the University College London, Matt made the move over to Australia in early 2017 where he now works at Camperdown Vascular Lab in Sydney.


Jennifer Alphonse

Women's Health | Pelvic Mass: Is it a tumour? 
Women's health | Infertility: Uterine Anomalies 

Jennifer is a senior sonographer specialising in obstetric and gynaecological (O&G) ultrasound at a tertiary private O&G practice in Sydney. Having completed her PhD in 2015, Jennifer holds an Adjunct Lecturer appointment at UNSW with extensive experience in research and is co-author on 18 scientific publications. Jennifer was appointed as a Senior Lecturer with CQUniversity in August 2020 having been a casual external marker since 2017. Jennifer has completed her Foundations of Directorship with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Jennifer has been a member of the ASA Board of Directors since 2015 and was elected President in February 2017 before stepping down in November 2019. 


Tanya Barnes

Professional topics | The vision of sonographers working pain free 
Principal Consultant for Patient Handling – Metro South Health


Jocelyn Basseal

COVID-19 | Infection prevention and control in medical ultrasound


Paul Brooks

Obstetrics | Fetal echo 
Paul is a paediatric and fetal cardiologist from Melbourne with a major interest in improving the journey for families from diagnosis, through the pregnancy and postnatal life for their children with congenital heart disease. His research has largely been based on assessment of fetal and postnatal heart function. He trained in both Melbourne and Canada and has worked as a consultant cardiologist in Melbourne and Vancouver. Currently he works privately in his own business, Melbourne Paediatric Cardiology, in the Fetal Management Unit at Western Health and also Northern Health. 


Erika Cavanagh

Obstetrics | Constitutional or pathological? Ultrasound in the assessment of fetal growth and placental dysfunction 
Obstetrics | The importance of 3rd trimester cardiac assessment and progressive cardiac lesions 

Erika is an advanced sonographer in the Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit at the Gold Coast University Hospital. She completed a Graduate Diploma in Ultrasound in 2003 and was the Section Chief in Ultrasound at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney for 9 years, training over 20 sonographers in that time. During her tenure she completed a Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education. She has since moved to Queensland and has completed a Master of Medical Sonography, with a focus on fetal echocardiography. She used her final advanced skills project to develop a fetal echocardiography training program for sonographers and MFM fellows. 


Deb Carmody

MSK | Lateral ankle ultrasound 
Ultrasound Application Specialist – Siemens Healthineers Australia


Poonam Charan

Obstetrics | Obstetricians and gynaecologists


Jessie Childs

Welcome | ASA2020
Professional topics | Update on sonographer comepetency project (ASAR, ASUM, ASUM)


Colin Chong

MSK | Is MSK ultrasound (performed in a general radiology clinic) of any use to clinicans?
Colin is a triple Fellowship trained radiologist with expertise covering the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal diagnostic and interventional radiology. His postgraduate cell and molecular biology research degree was in University of Sydney and his fellowships were in University of British Columbia. Colin was appointed Musculoskeletal Radiologist for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. He specialises in minimally invasive treatments for palliative care, acute, chronic and cancer pain management including cementoplasty, pulsed radiofrequency stimulation, continuous RF neurotomies, cryoablation and RFA of bone and soft tissue tumours. He is Chair of the MRI Reference Group of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR), serves on the RANZCR Interventional Radiology Working Standards Group and Safety, Quality and Standards Group, the New Zealand Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Management Agency and founded the first Minimally Invasive Palliative Procedures Multidisciplinary Service for cancer-related pain in New Zealand and was inaugural member of the Interventional Oncology section, Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Cancer Research GroupColin was keynote speaker and faculty member in over 70 scientific conferences with numerous peer reviewed publications, research grants and prizes, and previous recipient of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Medical Scholarship and Greg Monaghan Award for Intern of the Year.


Peter Coombs

Paediatrics | Correlating the pre and post natal spine
Peter Coombs is the Sonographer In Charge for Monash Health and a senior lecturer in ultrasound at Monash University. For many years he has been an active contributor to local and national ultrasound education in Australia and has co-authored a number of publications. He is currently the convenor of the Australian Sonographers Association Education Advisory Council.  His current interests include fetal neurosonography and quality assurance methodology in clinical ultrasound.


Greg Curry

Vascular | AAA and treatments 
Greg is a senior sonographer at Monash Health in Melbourne where he has been the Vascular Ultrasound supervisor since 2013. He is based predominately at Dandenong Hospital performing vascular ultrasound in the service and also contributes to general, paediatric and obstetric services within the organisation. Greg has been a contributor at various educational meetings and has a passion for vascular ultrasound with particular interest in ultrasound of the AVF and renal transplant ultrasound. 


Alison Deslandes

Paediatrics | Gynaecological ultrasound in paediatric and adolescent patients
Women's health | The art of soft markers in the diagnosis of endometriosis

Alison is a specialist obstetric, gynaecological and paediatric sonographer from Adelaide, South Australia. She shares her time between clinical work at Specialist Imaging Partners and research at the Univeristy of South Australia where she is a Masters by Research candidate. Her main interests include scanning for endometriosis, complex ovarian masses, ectopic pregnancies, adolescent gynaecology, fetal echocardiography and the psychosocial/cultural aspects of obstetric sonography in particular, the wellbeing of songraphers within the complex and often unsupported environment of the ultrasound room. She has extensive experience across many facets of ultrasound outside the scanning room. She is a current member of the ASUM council, ASUM DMU examiner, UniSA OCSE examiner and ASA South Australian branch commitee member. In 2019 she was awarded an Associate Fellowship of the ASA, She a prolific tweeter, passionate environmentalist, loves reading novels (the paper kind from last century) and when she's not out to better the world one ultrasound at a time, she's jumping on the trampoline with her two beautiful girls. 


Dr Andrew Edwards

Women's health | Pelvic floor – anteterior compartment


Peter Essellbach

Prof Topics | Sonographer physical wellbeing
Peter is a MSK physiotherapist and pilates instructor who also works as a specialist MSK sonographer with Sound Radiology and SAMI in Adelaide. Originally trained as a exercise physiologist, Peter enjoys fusing his clinical rehabilitation skills with his passion for sonography. He has worked as a cardiac, vascular, general and MSK sonographer in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Adelaide. He has also lectured at the UniSA and runs teaching seminars through Ultrasound Solutions. 


Aaron Fleming

MSK | Medial gastrocnemius vs plantaris
Aaron graduated from radiography at Newcastle University in 2009. He later went on to study ultrasound at QUT and has since developed special interests in MSK ultrasound, including nerve imaging and Popliteal Artery Entrapment. 


Carolyn Garlick

Women's health | Follicle tracking 101
After many years working as a medical imaging technologist I gained an ultrasound trainee position at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. As much as I loved working in the paediatric environment, I also wanted to build my ultrasound knowledge in the broader adult world. After working in both the private and public radiology settings, I decided to hone my skills in obstetrics and gynaecology and secured a position at Monash Ultrasound for Women in 2006. I have a special interest in womens health and my current working schedule allows me the opportunity to work in my desired fields of obstetrics, breast and neonatal imaging. When I started sonography I was awestruck by those who had ten or fifteen years of ultrasound experience. I have now reached my own milestone of working in ultrasound for twenty years and at times I feel that I have so much to learn. That is the beauty of ultrasound and why I love my profession.


Brian Gilling

Vascular | Lower limb arterial


Chris Gilmore

General | Lymph nodes, beacons for the body
Chris is the team leader sonographer at The Prince Charles Hospital - Medical Imaging Services.  He enjoys the broad range of general ultrasound imaging that hospital based practice provides including in-patient, out-patient and critical care settings.  Chris is actively involved with the QLD branch of the ASA and is the current Chairperson of its committee.  


Andrew Grant

Vascular | Thoracic Outlet: assessing the neurovascular bundle
MSK | Ultrasound of the finger
Vascular | Q&A Panel discussion
MSK | MSK interventions

Andrew completed radiography training in 1992 and since then has ventured to multiple countries sharing his expertise in sonography and radiography. Andrew has given a number of lectures on MSK, vascular and paediatrics for ASA and ASUM in Australia and internationally. Andrew recently co-hosted the Canon Anatomy Day in Sydney and Geelong. Besides his skills in ultrasound imaging, Andrew also holds a commercial pilot’s license which he uses to fly in and out of remote communities, establishing a strong presence as a flying sonographer. Andrew has also worked for one of the top medical centres in western USA, UCLA Medical Centre, where he assisted in setting up the musculoskeletal ultrasound program. Andrew now practices at East Melbourne Radiology for I-Med MIA where he is the Ultrasound Supervisor. 


Lisa Hackett

MSK | Post-operative shoulder ultrasound
Lisa is a qualified radiographer and an experienced MSK specialist sonographer. She began MSK scanning in Sydney in 1993 and has been educating in the field for 20 years. Lisa has presented at both a national and international level. She is actively involved in the ASA and is a committee member of the MSK Special Interest Group. She has co-authored numerous peer reviewed papers and authored a paper on shoulder imaging, published in 2011 in the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.


Lisa Howell

MSK | Q&A panel discussion
MSK | Carpal tunnel syndrome
MSK | Medial tarsal tunnel syndrome 

Lisa has been a qualified and accrediated sonographer for 19yrs. She has worked at both the public and private sectors. She is working at Cabrini Health, Brighton and Malvern Hospital Campuses, Victoria. She has previously presented at ASUM Melbourne conference 2017, and has presented in house at Cabrini Health. Lisa was a committee member for the ASA2020 Melbourne program. Lisa has a special interest in musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve ultrasound and would like to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for these topics with you.


Rebecca Jackson

Professional topics | Mental health for sonographers 


Manish Jain

Women's health | Breast ultrasound and MRI correlation 
Manish is a graduate of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He obtained his FRANZCR in 1999. He is currently the Director of MIA Monash Radiology, Clayton VIC, Senior Radiologist with Monash Breast Screen, and Deputy Chair of the RANZCR MQAP committee. He is interested in all aspects of breast imaging and intervention including mammography including DBT, CESM, ultrasound, MRI, CT scanning, vacuum assisted biopsies and other interventional procedures under ultrasound/stereotaxis/MRI. He works in close association with breast surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists and pathologists from Monash Medical Centre, Cabrini, Breast Screen and other groups in south-east Melbourne.


Lynne Johnson

General | Don't forget about the bladder! 
Lynne is currently the lead sonographer at Austin Health Radiology, which specialises in abdominal ultrasound, particularly liver transplantation, and a myriad of small-parts work including being a tertiary referral centre for breast lesion workup. Her undergraduate qualification was as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and completed her post-graduate qualification in sonography in 1993. She went on to complete a Masters in Ultrasound at RMIT in 2003. Lynne is past member of the board of the ASA and SAWP (SPAC), is a NATA assessor and also a tutor for the post-graduate sonography program at RMIT University.


Narelle Kennedy

Obstetrics | Pulmonary veins: a key to the hypoplastic left heart
Narelle is a research sonographer who has been scanning for over 25 years and has specialised in obstetric and gGynaecology ultrasound. She has worked in both public and private practice and is currently employed at Nepean Hospital. She is affiliated as a Research Fellow with the University of Sydney after completing her PhD in 2018 on obesity in pregnancy. She continues to publish and is involved in several research projects. She is keen to pass on her research skills and enjoys mentoring students as a casual academic at Central Queensland University.


Dr Fiona Kent

Professional topics | A focus on feedback in health professional education


Sara Kernick

Paediatrics | Developmental dysplasia of the hip
Paediatrics | Abdominal pathology of the neonate/infant

Sara is currently the Tutor Sonographer at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne where she has worked for nearly 16 years after returning home from working at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. Since returning she has tried her hand at many varied roles in sonography including women’s imaging and corporate applications but the call of paediatric sonography is all too compelling. Her hot topics are paediatric hip, liver transplantation and sonographer education. 


Greg Lammers

MSK | Ultrasound of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb 
Greg has been scanning since 1989 with time spent working in London from 1990 – 1994. He has held several positions as a lead sonographer, tutor, university lecturer and DMU examiner. Greg regularly presents at local, state, national and international meetings. In 2014 he did charity work in Myanmar (Burma) training doctors in the use of ultrasound in local villages. His last 20 years has seen him specialise in musculoskeletal ultrasound, its science but also its craft and looking for good patient outcomes. In over 30 years of scanning, his passion has not waned and he still finds this an amazing and privileged career. He presently works for I-MED Radiology in Berwick as a general sonographer.


Judy Lees

General | Assessment of the post resection neck  


Frauke Lever

Women's health | Q&A panel discussion
Women's Health | AI in breast ultrasound
Women's Health | Pelvic floor – posterior compartment

Frauke has been working as a sonographer for Monash Health since 2005, and is currently working as the Senior Sonographer (Operations). 
She has a particular interest in women's health imaging, especially tertiary breast and gynecological ultrasound. As well as a fascination for new ultrasound technologies, their potential impact on patient management and ways of integrating these into the daily sonographer workflow. She has presented both nationally and internationally, and is a member of the ASA Breast SIG Committee.


Christoper Lewis

General | Q&A panel discussion
General | Lymph nodes, beacons for the body

Christopher is currently the Ultrasound Coordinator with I-Med south-east Qld. He has a background in Queensland rural and metropolitan hospitals and clinics, both public and private sectors. He first practiced ultrasound in 1988 whilst a sole radiographer at Mareeba District Hospital. 
Christopher completed QUT Grad Dip Medical Ultrasound 2000 whilst at Ipswich Hospital, completed QUT Masters on Medical Ultrasound in 2004 whilst at Logan Hospital, and joined I-Med 2005. In 2017 and 2018 he was Qld Health Training Coordinator for rural sonographers whilst on sabbatical from I-Med. Christopher is always keen to develop his own competency in ultrasound as well as contribute to developing the skills of students and newly qualified sonographers.


Warren Lewis

Vascular | What the! – Unusual vascular pathologies


Gaorui Liu

Vascular | Survey results for venous insufficiency ultrasound
Gaorui (Gary) is an Australian-trained vascular sonographer practising at Western Sydney Vascular Laboratory. He obtained his Bachelor Degree of Applied Sciences in Medical Radiation Sciences from The University of Sydney, followed by a Diploma of Medical Ultrasonography (Vascular) from ASUM. He is currently enrolled as a higher degree research student at The University of Sydney. Gary holds memberships with the ASA and American Lymphatic and Vein Society (ALVS). He has great interest in venous ultrasound and phlebology. He actively works with many vascular surgeons and phlebologists in Australia, performing vein mapping with a keen interest in venous haemodynamics. Providing ultrasound guidance during endovenous procedures for the treatment of chronic venous disease is another area of expertise. He has presented original work and conducted workshops at multiple conferences, as well as been involved in teaching sonologists and vascular surgeons in China.


Glenda McLean

Paediatrics | Cranial ultrasound in the pre-term neonate
Glenda McLean is a Clinical Leader sonographer with Monash Health. After completing her radiography training at RMIT she went on to gain her ASUM DMU and a Masters of Medical Ultrasound from Charles Sturt University. She is Editor-in-chief of the ASA journal Sonography. Her interests include paediatric hip and NICU cranial ultrasound, general public hospital/emergency imaging and tertiary obstetrics.


Sean McPeake 

MSK | Advanced shoulder ultrasound
MSK | Q&A panel discussion
MSK | Ultrasound of upper limb nerves

Sean began his ultrasound training in 1990 and completed his DMU in 1994. Since completing his training, Sean has played an active role in sonographer education with 17 years of post-graduate lecturing experience at the University of South Australia. Musculoskeletal ultrasound is his major passion and he has been a regular presenter at national conferences on a range of MSK topics for more than 2 decades. Sean has worked in both the public and private sector and is a founding partner of Network Sonography, a sonographer group providing sonography services in regional Australia.


Sandhya Maranna

Professional topics | Breaking bad news
Sandhya (Sandy) is a higher education academic at University of South Australia (UniSA). She is the stream coordinator of Graduate Diploma and Masters of Sonography. She has been appointed lead sonography educator in several national and international projects. She has an academic background in medicine and radiology and specialised in tertiary high-risk obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound. She takes pride in her senior specialist clinical sonographer role in SA Health. She is currently a PhD candidate, pursuing her research interest in online education. 


Bernie Mason

Professional topics | Sonographer physical wellbeing
Joining the ASA in its early years, she became a member of then known Occupational Health and Safety Committee presenting workshops, and running the Safety Island for with Val Gregory. Bernie is also a member of the Future Directions Forum and the Education Advisory committee. Bernie now teaches full time and is mentor to many sonographers at different career stages, with a primary goal of educating to prevent injury and maintain health and wellbeing to all who practise ultrasound. Bernie is now also consultant for her company 'Sono’s Safety in the Workplace.' Her aim is to attend workplaces to observe sonographers in thework environment, a very important component of offering advice for techniques on safe scanning, injury prevention and minimisation.


Adriana Miranda

Vascular | Ovarian vein incompetence


Daniel Moon

General | Clinical management of the renal lesion
Associate Professor Daniel Moon is a urologist with particular expertise in minimally invasive and robotic surgery. He served as the inaugural Director of Robotic Surgery at Epworth Healthcare 2012–17 and is an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne. He has performed over 2000 major laparoscopic and robotic procedures, published the first Australian series of laparoscopic radical prostatectomy in 2008, performed the first Australian robotic cysto-prostatectomy in 2009, and established a robotic partial nephrectomy program at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, publishing the first Australian series of this procedure in 2014 and the largest Australian partial nephrectomy series in 2017. Dr Moon has developed comprehensive training and credentialing documents for surgeons learning robotics, has received European Association of Urology certification as a trainer in robotic surgery and is on the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Urology International.


Martin Necas

General | Contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the liver
General | Contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the kidney
Vascular | How to perform lower limb venous insufficiency in 20 mins

Martin is a senior general and vascular sonographer in Hamilton, New Zealand. Martin completed training in general and vascular ultrasound in Seattle, USA in 1996 and subsequently attained a Master’s Degree in Sonography at the University of South Australia in 2007. Martin has practiced diagnostic ultrasound in USA, New Zealand and Australia in a wide variety of clinical settings ranging from private centers to tertiary teaching hospitals. Martin is an ultrasound enthusiast, keen clinical instructor, lecturer and a prolific conference speaker. He is an author of a book Artifacts in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound. Martin is presently serving as the Chairman of the New Zealand Branch of ASU.


Sophie O'Brien

MSK | Anterior hip ultrasound
MSK | Finger ultrasound 



Gregory O'Connor

Paediatrics | Paediatric neck masses
Sonographer, John Hunter Hospital


Sandra O'Hara

Obstetrics | Don't forget the mother! HELLP syndrome, hydronephrosis, cholechstitis and other pathology commonly seen in pregnant women
Obstetrics | the 12-week anaotmy scan with NIPT – a private practice experience

Sandra is the Tutor Sonographer at SKG Radiology in Perth, overseeing one of the largest ultrasound training programs in Australia. With over 25 years of experience as a sonographer, she obtained the General DMU in 1993. Sandra completed a Master of Medical Sonography in 2015, with the research for this qualification incorporating 3 peer reviewed publications. She is experienced in general, obstetric, vascular and musculoskeletal ultrasound, and is committed to maintaining high standards of practice in the field of sonography.


Donna Oomens

Vascular | Renal artery Doppler
Vascular | Tips and tricks in arteriovenous fistulas



Claire O'Reilly

Vascular | Vascular criteria update 


Jenny Parkes

General | Thyroid calcifications: When to be concerned
Women's Health | Breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Jenny Parkes currently works as a clinical specialist sonographer at Maroondah Breast Screen and as a tutor sonographer with I-Med/ MIA Radiology based in East Melbourne. She is also the Breast and Thyroid Unit Coordinator of the Monash University Masters of Medical Ultrasound course. Jenny has had many years experience in general ultrasound, specialising in breast and neck imaging in addition to professional roles including Past President of the ASA and is a current Board Member of the ASAR. Jenny is also a Fellow of the ASA (FASA). She is often asked to present and teach breast ultrasound and enjoys this very much.


Ann Quinton

Obstetrics | Fetal neurological cortical development in second trimester
Obstetrics | Fetal neurological cortical development in third trimester
Women's Health | Q&A Panel Discussion

Dr Ann Quinton is an Associate Professor in Medical Sonography and a senior sonographer who has worked in fetal medicine units for over 20 years. She is currently a unit coordinator teaching research skills and fetal echocardiography at a postgraduate level at CQUniversity and a RHD primary supervisor for PhD and Masters students. Ann has presented widely nationally and internationally and is the author of over 45 publications. 


Daniel Rae

Vascular | Improving the detection rates of illofermoral vein obstructions
Daniel is a qualified radiographer and experienced general and advanced vascular sonographer working on the Sunshine Coast.  He is a passionate vascular educator, regularly presenting at both local and national levels. Daniel is an active member of the ASA’s Vascular SIG, where he enjoys being able to give back to the sonography community. Venous ultrasound is a particular interest with the management of chronic venous disease being his area of the speciality. 


Tristan Reddan

Paediatrics | Renal ultrasound surveillance in children with spina bifida


Jacqui Robinson

Vascular | EVAR
Jacqui is a Chief Vascular Sonographer with Liverpool Hospital, Sydney. Jacqui has been involved in vascular ultrasound for almost 25 years, in a research, clinical and educational capacity. She was a founding member of the Society for Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland. As a member of the educational committee of the SVTGBI, Jacqui was involved in the development of the Accredited Vascular Technologist program. Jacqui thrives on the challenges of working in the acute environment of Liverpool Hospital which is a major trauma and vascular centre providing some of the most complex vascular services in Australia. 


Natasha Roussel

Professional topics | LGBTQI patient communication
Paediatrics | Septic arthritis 

Natasha is currently a senior sonographer at Monash Health. After training as a radiographer and working in private and public settings in Australia and the UK, she went on to complete a Master of Medical Sonography from UniSA in 2015. Her interests include breast imaging, MSK, and paediatrics. She is also passionate about improving patient experiences with sonographers, particularly in regards to the LGBTQI community and their diverse needs.


Ian Schroen

Vascular | Mesenteric ischeaemia and median arcuate ligament syndrome
Vascular | Q&A panel discussion 

Ian’s career to date has been diverse and challenging, centered around ultrasound. Ian first gained a passion for vascular ultrasound during the 1990s and after a number of years in clinical ultrasound, he moved to a corporate role. Well known for his work at Philips Healthcare, Ian returned to clinical ultrasound and completed the Masters of Medical Ultrasound. Engaged in clinical ultrasound, research and teaching opportunities and has a passion for all aspects of ultrasound. He presents regularly in various forums across a range of clinical and non-clinical topics. Ian is currently site supervisor and senior sonographer within IMED Victoria, and is current President of the ASA.


Quanson Sirlyn

MSK | Ultrasound evaluation of the wrist
Shortly after completing his radiography degree, Quanson undertook a Grad Dip of Medical Ultrasound through Monash University and completed his Masters of Medical Sonography from the UniSA. Twelve years ago Quanson returned to private practice, after spending almost a decade in the public system. Hi is the tutor and chief sonographer for Capital Radiology, overlooking a large volume of MSK scans. Quanson was the recipient of the ASA Mentor of the Year 2015 Award  and  nominated for ASA Educator of the Year in 2015, 2016 and 2017 . He is the author of multiple peer-reviewed scientific journal articles for ASA and AJUM and believes the most rewarding experience is being able to help his peers and trainees reach their peak potential and enjoy their work.


Mark Stieler

MSK | Sonographer-performed MSK injections


Sumi Shrestha Taylor

MSK | Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder
MSK | Pes planus in adults and children 

Sumi has presented widely including the following:

  • Oral presentation on Advancing the use of ultrasound finding in identifying patient with clinical symptoms of adhesive capsulitis at the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology Congress 2019 Congress, 6–9 September 2019, Melbourne, Australia 
  • Oral presentation on Sonographic evaluation on superficial lumps at the 9th Annual Special Interest Group Symposium of the Australian Sonographers Association, 7–8 September 2013, Wellington, New Zealand 
  • Poster presentation on Biliary pathology at ASUM (NZ Branch) Annual Meeting, 27–29 July 2004, Christchurch, New Zealand 
  • Oral presentation on the Effect of verbal information on the expectation of women during mammography at the ISSRT/AIR Radiography Conference 18–22 Feb 2000, Sydney, Australia 

Celia Tinettl

Professional topics | The concept of professionalism 


Kristy Thomas

General | Assessing portal hypertension
Women's health | The scary breast

Kristy is a tutor sonographer at the dynamic Goulburn Valley Imaging Group in regional Victoria. Before her tree change she received a thoroughly enjoyable grounding in tertiary public sector ultrasound at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. Kristy’s enthusiasm for performing and enabling quality ultrasound is her true professional calling, and over the years she has been fortunate to pursue her passion for education in the ultrasound community.  This was enabled through inspiration and encouragement from some of the leaders of the ultrasound profession in her early career, and something that she hopes to give back to the next generation of sonographers. She has tutored with RMIT and Monash Universities and the University of South Australia and also presents regularly at various local, state and national ultrasound meetings. Kristy was appointed as a director of the ASA in mid 2012. 


Nick Vanderpoll

General | The use of ultrasound in chest imaging
Nick is an ASAR accreditated medical sonographer with over 15 years of experience working within public and private hospital, and private clinic settings. He is a general sonographer with work experience including locum work in the UK and the last 10 years working in QLD. His interests are in vascular, paediatrics, MSK and obstetrics. 


Prof. Sue Walker

Obstetrics | What is the best chart to predict perinatal outcome?
Professor Sue Walker is the Shiela Handbury Chair of Maternal Fetal Medicine, University of Melbourne, an appointment funded by The Mercy Health Foundation. She is a maternal fetal medicine specialist – providing care for those with the riskiest pregnancies in Victoria. Her research interests focus on improving the detection and management of fetal growth disorders, treatments for preeclampsia and prevention of stillbirth. She leads the Perinatal Sleep Research Group that is studying the adverse potential impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – which is suspected among women who snore – on pregnancy outcomes. Professor Walker is a national academic leader. Besides being co-director of Mercy Perinatal she has numerous other leadership roles, including Director of Perinatal Medicine at the Mercy Hospital for Women; Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at The University of Melbourne, and others. She serves on numerous RANZCOG committees, including Deputy Chair of the Women's Health Committee and Chair of the Maternal Fetal Medicine sub-specialty. Professor Walker has authored over 160 scientific papers, most having been published in leading international specialist journals.


Daniel Walkley

MSK | Forefoot – plantar plates, stress responses and nueural irritation
MSK | Elbow – tendinopathies and ligamentous assessment

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and a Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound through the University of South Australia. He is currently completing his research doctorate on the topic of Achilles tendinopathy – ultrasound assessment and management. He has worked in a number of specialist ultrasound practices around Australia, learning from industry leaders, and has chosen to reside back in Adelaide whilst proudly calling Fowler Simmons Radiology home. Daniel has a passion for MSK ultrasound and he combines his background as a physiotherapist with his ultrasound skill-set to help diagnose and provide management advice on musculoskeletal problems.


Ramya Williams

Women's health  | BIRADS


Louise Worley

Women's health | The difficult breast: techniques and interesting cases
Louise works as tutor sonographer for MIA/I-Med North-Eastern Region. She has presented at many ASA and ASUM local Branch and National meetings, as well as international meetings as an invited speaker for obstetrics, breast, gynaecology, abdominal, vascular and MSK ultrasound. She was awarded ASA Trainer of the Year in 2013, ASA Victorian Sonographer of the year in 2017 and the ASA Pru Pratten Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has been on the ASA Breast SIG committee and presented asawebinars for breast ultrasound. Louise published an article on breast ultrasound in the ASA journal Sonography. Louise was recently awarded an Associate Fellow ship of the ASA for her contributions to ultrasound.


Marilyn Zelesco

General | Ultrasound of the acute scrotum
General | Ultrasound of inflammatory bowel disease

Marilyn Zelesco is an MIT who gained a post graduate ultrasound qualification in ultrasound 1991, and completed her Masters through RMIT. Marilyn has received professional awards from ASMIRT, ASA and ASUM. Marilyn is the Lead Sonographer at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, and oversees ultrasound training across Perth’s South Metropolitan Health Service.  Marilyn has an interest in contrast enhanced ultrasound, renal transplants, elastography, research and sonography in indigenous health care.

* Speakers and presentations are subject to change 

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