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Advisory and Program Committees

There are six advisory committees, where members apply via an Expression of Interest when a vacancy arises:

  • Conference Program Committee
  • Sonography Editorial Board
  • Education Advisory Committee
  • Sonographer Policy and Advisory Committee 
  • Awards of Excellence Advisory Panel
  • Fellowship Panel

Conference Program Committee

Expressions of Interest to join the ASA2025MEL conference program committee are open - APPLY HERE

The Annual Conference Program Committee is responsible for the development of the scientific conference program within the parameters set out by the ASA and Education Advisory Committee (EAC). Collaborating with the ASA office and the EAC, the program committee formulates a list of speakers and topics (in workshop and lecture format) for the annual conference.

The committee collaborates with the ASA office and the EAC to develop a conference theme, to source appropriate patients with certain pathologies for live scanning in workshops and works with the ASA to identify risk factors and contingencies such as replacement presentations/topics to ensure an effective educational and complete program.

Conference Program Committee members change with each conference.

View the Conference Program Committee Terms of Reference

Sonography Editorial Board

The Sonography Editorial Board is a group of experts from the sonography profession. Editorial Board members are involved in:

  • Reviewing manuscripts
  • Advising on the journal’s aims and scope
  • Suggesting topics and assisting to produce special and virtual issues
  • Encouraging submissions to the journal
  • Promoting the journal
  • Decision-making in the peer review process and direction of the journal.

View the Sonography Editorial Board Terms of Reference

Editor-in-Chief – Kerry Thoirs
Board – Jessie Childs, Trish Chudleigh, Peter Coombs, Christopher Edwards, Alison Hall, Tim Hartshorne, Carly Hughes, Narelle Kennedy, Glenda McLean, Rebecca Perry, Ann Quinton, Tristan Reddan, Sumi Shrestha Taylor,
Lorelei Waring

Education Advisory Committee (EAC) 

The Education Advisory Committee (EAC) provides educational advice and support to the ASA in line with the ASA’s strategic intent by collaborating with the ASA office to formulate a list of speakers and topics for future travelling workshops, webinars and other CPD events.

It formulates selection criteria and reviews applications for the Annual International Conference (AIC) program committee as well as the Special Interests Group (SIG) days program committee.

The EAC provides oversight, leadership and assistance to the AIC program committee, SIG program committee and branches (in consultation with the ASA office) to develop balanced, relevant and quality scientific programs. It collaborates with the ASA office to evaluate educational events and make recommendations for future changes.

It also supports the exploration of future revenue streams from education activities.

View the EAC Committee Terms of Reference

Committee –  Matthew Adams, Cain Brockley, Peter Esselbach, Michelle Fenech, Jane Keating, Afrooz Najafzadeh, Sarah Srayko, Anthony Wald, Caterina Watson

Sonographer Policy and Advisory Committee (SPAC)

The Sonographer Policy and Advisory Committee (SPAC), in collaboration with the ASA office, provides policy as well as advocacy advice and support to the Board of Directors in line with the Board’s strategic intent. It does this by identifying new and emerging policy and advocacy issues relevant to the ASA as they arise; and providing expert advice and where possible supporting this with research or other data on policy, industry and advocacy issues facing the sonography profession.

The SPAC acts as the authoritative source and provides expertise on the technical aspects of sonography; and prioritises and develops professional standards, policies and guidelines.

View the SPAC Committee Terms of Reference

Chair – Narelle Kennedy
Committee –  Julie Cahill, Michele Dowling, Laura Harbinson,  Kathryn Lamb, Brooke Osborne, Michelle Pedretti, Sheri Anne Rae, Danielle Ryan, Linda Young

Awards of Excellence Judging Panel

The role of the ASA’s Awards of Excellence Judging Panel is to review the nominations for all the Awards of Excellence and Pru Pratten Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award, apply the established criteria to determine all finalists and winners in a credible process that ensures results are above censure, and review and make recommendations regarding the Awards and judging criteria.

Panel members are not identified to ensure that no external influence is exerted on their decisions.

View the Awards of Excellence and PPMLAA Judging Panel Terms of Reference

Fellowship Panel

The role of the Fellowship Panel is to apply the established criteria to ensure the status of Associate Fellow (AFASA) and Fellow (FASA) of the ASA are appropriately granted. The panel assesses the material as presented by the applicant or candidate.

The panel will also regularly review the Table of Achievements and modify them as required and make recommendations in relation to the entry criteria.

View the Fellowship Panel Terms of Reference

Jessie Childs, Carolynne Cormack, Donna Napier Tony Parmiter, Catherine Robinson, Louise Worley

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