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ASA Research Grants

Congratulations to Dr Michelle Fenech, FASA and Glenda McLean, FASA who are the 2023 recipients of the ASA Research Grant. 

The ASA's Grants Program was introduced in 2017 as a commitment to fostering and advancing the sonography profession. Every year, the ASA commits a funding pool of $30,000 open to members who aim to undertake quality research that will contribute to improving the quality and standards of sonography practice.

The recipients of the 2023 Research Grant will each receive $15,000 towards their respective projects, in partnership with Marsh Advantage Insurance.

Applications for the next round of ASA Grants will open in July 2024. 

View information on ASA Audit Grants HERE

2023 Research Grant recipients

Sonographic measurements of the superficial radial nerve and its proximity to the cephalic vein

This study will investigate the normal appearance of the superficial radial nerve, including if the nerve is symmetrical bilaterally, and tests the inter-rater and intra-rater agreement of three different methods of measuring the nerve. 

Term equivalent age cranial ultrasound screening of high-risk preterm neonates

This study will investigate whether performing a cranial ultrasound in high-risk preterm neonates at term equivalent age increases the detection of white matter injury (and subsequent volume loss) compared to a day 42 postnatal cranial ultrasound. 


2022 Research Grant recipient

Optimising Ultrasound-based Liver Fat Quantification Methods

This study explores the dependability of ultrasound as an alternative to MRI to estimate liver fat percentage, to provide clinicians with an accessible tool to evaluate treatment effectiveness and a means to influence lifestyle choices in the health conscious. 

2021 Research Grant recipient

Shear Wave Elastography to assess the change in stiffness of muscles in the acute stage post-stroke

This project uses shear wave elastography to assess the stiffness of muscles after a person has had a stroke. The current research phase involves initiating scans on stroke survivors in hospital, with plans to recruit participants over a span of 40 weeks. READ MORE

2020 Research Grant recipients

Bioeffects of Doppler ultrasound on the newborn brain: A pilot study to investigate structural effects in an in vivo rat model

This study focuses on the inflammatory processes of the central nervous system, which is the hallmark of the brain’s reaction to any external stimuli, stress, injury or disease process. The research is complete and the article 'Neuroinflammation in the Rat Brain After Exposure to Diagnostic Ultrasound' has been published in Ultrasound in Medicine and BiologyREAD ARTICLE

Is transpubic sonography a reliable assessment of functional voiding in asymptomatic females?

This is an inter-rater and intra-rater assessment of a dynamic ultrasound technique where two sonographers scan the same volunteer. Reseach is complete and findings will change the way functional voiding is assessed. Bernadette presented the findings at ICS 2023 (International Continence Society annual conference) in Toronto, Canada. READ MORE

Online ergonomics training, with and without individual feedback on adherence, effective in reducing musculoskeletal upper limb pain and work performance in sonographers

Kristie Sweeney, Prof. Karen Ginn, Assoc. Prof. Martin Mackey, Dr Jillian Clarke, Dr Jacqueline Spurway
Western NSW LHD Medical Imaging

Cardiac sonographer and cardiologist levels of agreement in echo screening for rheumatic heart disease

Jacqui Williamson, Dr Toakase Fakakovikaetau and Dr Boglarka Remenyi
Ministry of Health, Tonga

Providing a sustainable sonographer workforce in Australia: Clinical training solutions

Assistant Professor Rod McGregor and Assistant Professor Karen Pollard
University of Canberra

PREACH (PRe-Eclampsia and Cardiovascular Health) study – The cardiovascular toll of pre-eclampsia: determining impacts on the maternal, fetal and placental vasculature

Dr Maya Reddy (PhD student), Associate Professor Fabricio Da Silva Costa and Professor Euan Wallace (Monash Health), Dr Leah Wright and Associate Professor Andre La Gerche
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Providing a sustainable sonographer
workforce in Australia: clinical training
Research team
– Assistant Professor Rod
McGregor, Assistant Professor Karen Pollard

Virtual Reality in sonographic practical skill acquisition, enhancing student learning

Associate Professor Ann Quinton, Dr Delma Clifton, Mr Brendan Goode and Mrs Sharon Meng
Central Queensland University

The accuracy of a simple sonographic liver volume equation to determine hepatomegaly

Dr Jessie Childs, Dr Kerry Thoirs and Professor Adrian Esterman
University of South Australia

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